Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm back

Its been so long sinced i've ever updated my blog. I know alot people out there may think that i have a boring blog. I know. I seriously Know how boring it is. But i'll try to make it interesting. :D

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


What do i know about Christmas excluding decorations,clothes, and even foooood..
But what do i know????
So i was wondering about this question all through November and so i don't know anything about why do we celebrate Christmas and so on..
So i asked my mum!!!

Following is the conversation i had with mummy:

Me : Mummy why do we celebrate Christmas???
Mum: Err...well you should run along and read the bible it will answer all your question!!~??

End of discussion..

What my mum answered didn't give that much thought of reading the HOLY BIBLE.
so i took out my bible and i read the whole chapter..
and all i know is Mary were to bear a son and to name is JESUS etc.

But then i thought how would human know that December the 25th is the actual birth of Christ..
i search it on the net and still nothing..

So 1 day i was running along to church listening to the gospel when i heard Rev Moses Lui said that we should welcome Christ in anyway not caring what was his actual birth date just welcome him into our house because he is the saviour we were to long for.That's what matters..

And now i know the true meaning of CHRISTMAS.
I hope you guys would welcome JESUS into your house put up a picture of JESUS where people who pass by would see and want to learn and know about him more.
Its not like i would want you all to convert or anything its just what i think people should do.

The End ~
Have a blessed Christmas and spread the good news of the LORD.

Friday, October 23, 2009

[lost and never found]

I lost someone today..
i lost someone who was as precious as a diamond ring..
she was very special to me..
These are the things i loved most about her..
When it was Christmas she will bake the most delicious Christmas cookies i have ever tasted..
she had that beautiful smile that smile kept out of all that she was suffering..
all those suffering was all hidding behind the sweet smile she had..
she never let those suffering from letting her give up hope to live that strong attitude what makes her strong enough to overcome this challenge..
if it was me i was the first in line to fall back but she did'nt let death stand in her way,in the end she just could'nt stand the pain and..and..

(may her soul rest in peace amen)

well that the end of my beloved grandaunt..
that was the last i ever saw her sweet smile..
the last i ever see her..
the last i ever tasted her delicious cookies..
and the last and the end of her journey..
she lived for 80 years..
maybe GOD wanted her back in heaven..
well i really hope god will spare her ..
i hope the heaven gates will open as soon as she steps in..

LET US PRAY:(those who are catholics)

the giver of life,
may my grandaunt lie in your hands,
may you show her mercy,
forgive her sins,
and spare her.
In the name Jesus Christ I pray.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Is'nt it great..

Today is a speacial and an important day some speacial people..

its their birthday today..

well its LIM CHEW PENG's birthday &

LAI WEI HAO'birthday too..

they are sharing a birthday together..

i think its speacial..

well today its your speacial day dont want to spoile it..

ok wishing you guys a happy sweet 14~

Monday, October 5, 2009

[5 oct]

Today is a speacial day for my uncle..

Happy birthday..

sorry i dont have time to buy you a present..

i hope this would make your day..

well i hope its not too much for my speacial uncle..
blog soon~

Thursday, September 10, 2009


when i ask my freinds to view my blog,
they will think of it as :"aww not again"
some dont even view it..
but if i ask them for their opinion about my blog,
they will say that :"chelsea, your blog sucks"
:"chelsea your blog so boring"
see that what they say..
well i dont mind actually..
well that gives me the spirit to change my blog..
updating it and so on..
but i sure wish i had something to write on..
all i do is write no pictures..
no music..
no nothing..
only words..
cause only word that i can do..
my mum always nag at me about studying..
so i cant write my blog often..
i sure hope you readers understand..


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nothing happened

Nothing happened?
You must be wondering why i said that did you..
well i can tell you that nothing happened in school..
well there was 1 thing..
"there was 2 prefect..
one of them was Alvin quek(he is not my brother)
another was er i don't know who he is actually(sorry)..
well they came to our class..
all of us thought it was goin to have a sport check..
but in the end they did have a sport check the only thing was..
they did'nt check our begs..
they only checked Karen , Yee Huei , and also Wei ming 's beg..
they were told that these student brought their handphones to school..
as usual the were one of the student who are the teacher's dislikes ( sorry guys).."
well but 1 things is that not only they bring handphones the entire student body brings them..
well not that i braging..
its the truth..
well another thing is since the Merdeka celebration..
everyone is'nt anyone anymore..
some people changed during the school holidays..
i dont want to mention their name..
well that is that for now...

Blog soon~